Hound Reminders

Send reminders to friends and family

List of scheduled hounds

Hound lets you remind other people to do things

You schedule a reminder to someone in your contacts list and they will receive an SMS reminder at the appointed time.

Stop reminding yourself to remind other people

With the hound app you can create a reminder now that will send to your recipient later. Instead of reminding yourself, you can schedule the reminder for someone else and it will send at the appointed time. You can immediately feel relieved of the responsibility of remembering to remind them later -- the app does it for you.

Medication Icon
Schedule a daily hound to remind a family member to take medication on time.
Shopping Cart Icon
Remind your husband to pick up milk on the way home.
Phone Icon
Make sure your son calls his mother for her birthday.
Meeting Icon
Remind your co-worker that they are running the meeting tomorrow.
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Or anything else you want to remind people to do!
Draft Hound Screenshot

Step One: write your hound

Write your reminder and choose which contacts to send it to. You can send a hound to multiple contacts. Since the hound is sent via SMS, there is a 140 character limit.

Step Two: schedule your hound

Choose when we should send the reminder to your contacts. In this step you also have the option of repeating the hound every day, week, or month.

If you would like to know when your recipient(s) have completed the task you are reminding them to do, then you can include a completion link for them to tap when they are done. When they tap the link they will end up on a completion page like this. Doing so will notify you that they completed the task. We find this particularly useful for medication reminders.

Step Two: Schedule the hound
Settings screenshot

Feature rich app

You can customize most aspects of the app in the settings menu. You can also edit, delete, or view details of a hound by swiping or tapping the hound in the list.

Standard message & data rates apply. For help, text HELP to +18168399340. To opt-out of all messages text STOP to +18168399340. Recipients can also opt-out at any time by texting STOP to +18168399340.